Miss Fife , Domestic Disciplinarian for naughty adult boys and girls


Quotes Dear Miss Fife , I am very sorry that you caught me smoking in the girls toilets .I know why you belted me and I will try to do my best in future not to get caught :) I can't help that I am naughty but sometimes I am easily led by the older girls in school . My parents were not happy when you phoned them and now i'm grounded for a week ontop of you punishing me .It's NOT FAIR . Daisy Crabtree Quotes
Daisy Crabtree
School punishement for smoking

Quotes Just saying thankyou Miss for dishing out one of the most severe thrashings i have ever had .I truly deserved it I am looking forward to my next one very soon Quotes
The Bully
Sound thrashing

Quotes I visited Miss Fife 2 weeks ago now for a very overdue and much needed punishment. Miss Fife is very good at putting you at ease and I was stripped and over her knee for a lengthy hand spanking which got me nice and red and needing more. After being securd to her spanking bench Miss made sure I felt every implement to its fullest finishing off with a good dose of the cane leaving me very bruised and bleeding. 2 weeks on and the marks are gone so I will need to call Miss again and ask for another appointment over her bench.. Alan Quotes
vey sore bottom

Quotes I went to Miss Fife for a much needed punishment and boy did I get it. Miss met me at the station and a more pleasant Lady would be hard to find but when it came to my punishment, OUCH does not describe it .Miss gave me a 75 stroke Judicial caning and every stroke was delivered full force and very accurately. This lady is very skilled at discipline and is the best caner I have visited. After my punishment Miss made coffee and we had an unhurried chat before she took me back to the station. I would recommend that you visit Miss Fife if you want real punishment. Quotes
Judicial caning

Quotes i had a pleasantly painful afternoon in the care of miss fife . Miss has a very hard hand and is accurate with all implements, she can confuse and scare you all at the same time . Do not let her warm inviting smile and charm fool you , she can be evil , just how i like it . I can see why so many keep going back for more . A wonderful lady with a sense of humour, lovely legs and dare i say a cleavage to die for :) See you soon Miss x honestly, it wasn't me ;) Quotes
It wasn't me !

Quotes Made an appointment to see Miss Fife in a school scene. She reminded me of a teacher I once had , warm and kind and then BAM , before you know it i'm in trouble for something daft . I couldn't help but act up in class . The belt on the hands really took me back to my school days ! Wonderful day of memories recreated , thankyou Miss, Liam Quotes

Quotes Although the day was a bit of a rush the time in the capable care of Miss was anything but, The SSS that she administered was very professional and I can only say rather sore and the evidence persisted for a considerable time. I made an error in going to the loo and not replacing the seat after I had finished, this is something I will not do again as it got Miss's temper stirred further, I really must return soon for a follow up. Thank you Miss for being so good at your job. Quotes
Short sharp shocked customer

Quotes "OUCH !!!" a very comprehensive BB OTK "Experience !!!" I am looking forward to my next visit already, Miss Fife certainly knows her craft. Quotes
A very warm tail !!!

Quotes Just had my first 6 of the best - incredible, from the smiling welcome, firm verbal retribution, watching her select her instrument of torture while the lecture continued the 'Hands out' order, my eyes fixed on the tawse, the continued talking then CRACK! I didn't see it move but heard the sound of impact and the immediate searing pain. Swap hands you don't get off that easy again some conversational verbal , not knowing when it strikes again suddenly the pain rips through you. the next 2 very rapid and hard -I swear- bad move 'that'll get you 2 more' this time the tail of the tawse laid full length on my aching palm, gently pulled back then hammered down like lightning, I barely got my hands up when the sixth was delivered with frightening speed and accuracy.Miss Fife replaced the tawse as I tried to quell the pain in my hands which are still stinging over 3 hors later.A true professional who knows exactly when and where to strike. Thank you. Quotes
Red Palms

Quotes Having searched the net to find a Scottish Disciplinarian rather than visit a dominatrix in a dungeon , I came across Miss Fife . I done my research and found several references to her by others who had visited on different sites (I am a bit skeptical about ladies websites ) . Anyway , I made the appointment for traditional domestic discipline by my strict aunt, well Miss Fife played the role perfectly and I can say she certainly knows how to tan the hide of a naughty nephew like myself , my bottom was glowing and I certainly feel like I was dealt with . Crikey , she even sent me to bed with my bottom really sore ! All in all a great session with a lovely lady who loves what she does ! Quotes
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